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Where to Order Fruit Trees in Canada

April 8, 2019 | Orchard | 40 Comments

A newly planted bare root fruit tree that has not leafed out yet

Living in Prairie Canada, with a short season and low zone (2 or 3, depending on the winter and which zone map you use), I have a heck of a time finding good places to order fruit trees. There aren’t all that many places that carry ultra-hardy trees to begin with, and even fewer nurseries are willing to ship trees by courier or by mail.

Over the years, I have made a list of Canadian nurseries that have a good reputation, and who will ship fruit trees. I have personally ordered from most of these companies at some point in the last 10 years, and have been happy with the service I have received. Of the ones I have not personally ordered from, most have received good reviews from fellow growers that have ordered from them before.

Here is my big list of Canadian hardy fruit tree nurseries that will ship by courier or by mail, in alphabetical order:

Boughen Nurseries

Based in Nipawin, SK, Boughen Nurseries has a good selection of ultra-hardy (zone 2) fruit trees, including apples, pears, plums, and small fruit. I have ordered from them in the past, and was impressed with the size and vigour of the trees I received.

Corn Hill Nursery

Located in New Brunswick, Corn Hill Nursery specializes in roses (many of which are zone 2 hardy), but they also sell fruit trees and small fruits. While they only ship the large fruit trees by special arrangement, they will ship small fruits such as currants, haskaps, and grapes. We’ve gotten roses from Corn Hill, and they’ve done well even in extremely hard winters.

Golden Bough Tree Farm

Based out of Marlbank, ON, Golden Bough Tree Farm primarily specializes in landscaping trees such as birch and maple. However, they do have a small selection of fruit and nut trees, and they will ship bare-root trees within Canada.

Grimo Nut Nursery

Grimo Nut Nursery is based out of Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON. They specialize in nut trees, but also offer some fruit selections. Grimo’s trees are mostly suited to the warmer growing zones in Canada, though there are a couple of selections that are hardy to zone 3.

Hardy Fruit Trees

Specializing in hardy and ultra-hardy (zone 2-4) fruit trees, Hardy Fruit Trees is based in Rawdon, QC. They graft on full-sized rootstock, so if you are looking for dwarf trees, they may not have much for you. They have a good selection of trees, including some of the newer Russian pears that can be hard to find.

Haskap Central

Specializing in haskaps (duh!), Haskap Central is located in Henribourg, SK. They only sell haskaps, but they have a wide selection of cultivars to choose from, and they do not appear to have a minimum order.

Nutcracker Nursery

Based in Maskinongé, QC, Nutcracker Nursery is primarily focused on hardy nut trees (zones 3-5), but they also offer quite a broad selection of fruit trees, including some zone 2 & 3 apples, apricots, plums, and pears. They have really good descriptions of each variety. The website is not as user-friendly as some, but it is worth tolerating the endless scrolling to look through all of their varieties.

Oak Summit Nursery

I have not ordered from Oak Summit; I just discovered them recently, in February, 2024, though their website indicates they opened in 2020. They are located in Brandon, Manitoba, in zone 3, which is great for the Prairie growers, as so many of the fruit tree nurseries are located in much warmer zones in Ontario and Quebec. They have an impressive selection of hardy apple varieties.

Pépinière Ancestrale

Located in St-Julien, QC, Pépinière Ancestrale does not appear to have an English website option (the site is entirely in French), but Google Translate is your friend, here. They have a good selection of zone 2-4 fruit trees, as well as small fruits and grape vines.

Prairie Hardy Nursery

Prairie Hardy Nursery is based out of Two Hills, AB, and their shipping to AB and SK is much cheaper than shipping things in from Ontario or Quebec. They currently have a somewhat limited selection, but there are some interesting options in there, and everything is ultra-hardy, to zone 2. Prairie Hardy offers some more obscure / rare selections that are well suited to truly cold climates, and they are the only nursery I currently know of offering the ‘Arctic’ apricot series, which were bred in Saskatchewan.

Prairie Tech Propegation

Unfortunately, Prairie Tech is no longer in business.

Rhora’s Nut Farm & Nursery

Located in Wainfleet, ON, Rhora’s Nut Farm specializes in nut trees. Their trees are mostly suited for the warmer Canadian growing zones (zones 4-7), though there are a few varieties that are hardy to zone 3 or 2. They also offer some rare / unusual trees and shrubs, as well as small fruit.

Silver Creek Nursery

Silver Creek Nursery is located in Wellesley, ON. They are committed to organic and sustainable practices, and are in the process of becoming certified organic. Silver Creek has a wide selection of fruit tree varieties, including apricots, pears, apples, plums, sweet cherries, and peaches. While they do carry some zone 3 selections, most of their trees are more suited to the warmer Canadian zones (4, 5, and 6). Because of this, you will want to check the rootstock of your selections if you are in a colder zone. That said, I’ve gotten apricots from them that have survived terrible winters that killed off some of my other trees that should have been fully hardy.

T&T Seeds

T&T Seeds is primarily a garden seed seller, but they also carry some fruit trees and berries. They bill themselves as specializing in short-season annuals and perennials, and most of their fruit tree stock is hardy to zone 2 or, at most, zone 3. T&T is based out of Headingly, MB.


Treetime is not primarily a fruit tree seller, and they generally offer bulk amounts of their trees. However, there is a good selection of berries, some fruit trees such as plums, and some interesting native fruit. Treetime is based out of Edmonton, AB.

Vignes Chez Soi

Located in Granby, QC, Vignes Chez Soi sells grape vines. They have a wide selection of hardy grapes, including a few that are hardy to zone 2 & 3. Vignes Chez Soi carries blue, red, and green grapes. They also have some seedless selections that will grow in the warmer zones of Canada (4&5). We are trying out a bunch of grapes from Vignes Chez Soi, as grapes are a bit easier to push zones with, given that you can take the vines down, lay them on the ground, and cover them to insulate them for the winter.

Whiffletree Nursery

From Elnora, ON, Whiffletree Nursery has a wide selection of fruit trees, including some unusual things like shipova and improved mountain ash. While most of their trees are geared more toward the warmer Canadian zones, they do have a significant number of zone 3 hardy fruit trees. Much of the rootstock they use is also hardy to colder zones (though you will still want to pay attention to the rootstock if you are in zone 2 or 3).

Do you know of other reputable fruit tree nurseries that will ship trees within Canada? Leave me a comment, and I’ll add it to my list!

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Big List of Where to Order Fruit Trees In Canada - Rural Dreams

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    • John Furey

      Do you carry any of the hardy upright new varities of thornless Blackberry plants that are becoming so popular. From the University of Arkanses. Such as Nachez, Navaho, Apache, Prime Arc? They are almost impossible to get in Canada.


      • Jess

        I don’t carry anything at all. I am just a blogger, not a tree nursery, sorry.

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  3. Sherwood Botsford

    Prairie tech is no lOnger in operation

  4. Jakim Pepin

    Hi ! You asked if there were other nurseries in Canada; There is two orchards from B.C. propagate some special varieties too and they ship everywhere in canada. These are and Thanks for sharing what you know on the web! Jakim.

    • james pott

      Kraus will stop shipping after the fall ’22 shipments. That is just too bad since we have gotten good material from them.

  5. Clara

    you have let me to find, what do you think about them?

    • Jakim Pepin

      Well, they are an orchard before all. But I have ordered 3 dwarf trees from them last spring and they have grown fine. Maybe one concern with them is the shipping in april, so I had to manage and plant them in a box before bringing them outside in may. Not very convenient but again, I ordered there to get access to some special varieties. For the best service and quality of trees shipped by mail in may, in my experience, Whiffletree farm in Ontario is the best. Regards.

  6. Chantal, I ordered from them last year. They are located in Qc I believe. I am in Nova Scotia.

  7. gajendra

    Could you suggest where i could get Large already espaliered fruit trees , ready to be installed for a green fence in my backyard in Brampton Ontario.I searched al ovr but could not find any nursery supplying these

  8. Jakim Pepin

    The nurseries in america never shape the trees this way. i GUESS YOU WILL have to do it yourself ! If so, There are quite a few methods that describe the step by step process. here is one of those books for sale on Espalier Fruit Trees for Wall, Hedge, and Pergola: Installation, Shaping, Care.

  9. Jakim Pepin

    Well, they are an orchard before all. But I have ordered 3 dwarf trees from them last spring and they have grown fine. Maybe one concern with them is the shipping in april, so I had to manage and plant them in a box before bringing them outside in may. Not very convenient but again, I ordered there to get access to some special varieties. For the best service and quality of trees shipped by mail in may, in my experience, Whiffletree farm in Ontario is the best. Regards.

  10. Jay

    Paramount nursery inc

    • Jess

      It looks like Paramount only does local delivery, not mail-order.

      • Jay

        I’m not sure how far they go. They delivered to me, over 100 km away. So perhaps an option for people in Southern Ontario. (P.s. i don’t know why this is showing up in all caps… i’m not trying to yell at you)

  11. Jay

    I just found but I haven’t ordered from there yet.

  12. james pott

    Lareault nurseries fom quebec is also a good source as is vegetolab also from quebec.
    we have ordered from them for the last ten years or so

    • JAson harvey

      The ordering experience and advice from Vegetolab in QC has been fantastic. I can’t wait for my first order to arrive! So excited!

      • Jason Harvey

        Update* my skid of 150 berry plants arrived from vegetolab(Alma, qc). Super happy with the order experience and our new babies. Kiwi, haskap (7 varieties of each) and a number of other berries.

  13. Chris Blick

    do you know where to find fruit tree scions? Specifically heritage varieties. I have a number of rootstocks that I am looking to overgraft but am finiding difficulty locating scion wood. I am located in southern ontario, zone 5.

    • Jess

      There is a Facebook group for northern (Canadian) fruit growers; people advertise scion wood in there. There is also a group in Edmonton that has an annual meet at the Devonian Botanical Gardens; sometimes they sell scionwood online / mail order after the meet. The Alberta Hardy Fruit and Nut group on Facebook is the best place I know of to find information about that. Other than that, I’m really not sure how you might find what you need.

      • Jakim Pepin

        I’m aware of 2 Salt spring island B C growers that can ship scions. Harry Burton from Apple luscious orchard and Brian Webster from salt spring apple co. Lots of varieties to choose from!

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  15. Jim Sentance is another BC grower that will ship bAre root. Early spring like Salt Spring. I’ve dealt with these two as well as Whiffletree and Silver creek. All great in my experience

  16. Lisa Barker

    Blackstock berries and Nursey, they Have Affordable and quality FRuit trees.

  17. Shasta bizet

    Nova Scotia, recieved many trees and small fruit from Silvercreek nursery. All are sturdy young plants. Very pleased with the diversity and excellent shipping. Highly recommend

  18. Tony

    Do you know if is a scam. Apparently they were called Mountain Edge Nursery before. I have been looking for a combo pear tree for a couple of years now and every where seems to be sold out.

    • Jess

      I am not familiar with these folks. Maybe someone else can comment on this.

    • Ellen

      It’s a total scam! Stay away! A whole bunch of my friends were taken for thousands of dollars! Check BBB

  19. Jakim Pepin

    I know many nurseries in Canada, but I never heard about them. Personnally, if I had to get only one pear tree, it would be Nova. It’s a great all purpose pear that can be eaten even before it’s ripe and still taste great! Great resistance to diseases and self-fertile. Many nurseries carry it.

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